Owning a proven gold bearing unpatented mining claim gives you more than the ability to recover gold any time you wish. Owning a continuous source of this precious metal locks into place a personal source of real value, real income, adventure, recreation, discovery, and a real investment with incredible short and long term growth potential. If you seek ownership of proven gold bearing property for any or all of these reasons, look no further than Northwest Prospects.

Northwest Prospects offers high quality unpatented gold mining properties only in historically rich gold mining regions of the United States.

All of our unpatented mining claims are nestled directly within proven gold bearing regions and are sure to provide decades of exciting gold recovery and recreational enjoyment.

We put a serious amount of time into our property listings in order to provide an abundance of information, first hand experience, current photos, detailed maps, and crystal clear videos taken directly on site. Additionally, we highly encourage interested parties conduct their own research, as well as paying a visit to the properties for a first-hand look at these exceptional gold mining claims.
Other gold mining claims you may see listed on other sites may be "near gold bearing regions" or "close to a gold mining area", but all of our unpatented gold mining claims reside directly within historically rich gold producing regions.

The claims we offer share the exact rivers, streams, and/or immediate borders with incredibly rich (past and current) gold mines. Many of these mines have exceptional gold recovery documentation which can normally be found online or at the local county library or courthouse. Mining operations from past generations are easily visible on these properties and remind us of the incredible richness bestowed upon these lands. Additional documentation is also readily available to the public through a variety federal, state and county resources.

Link to a detailed American Gold Mining timeline

Most mining claim owners prospect on their claim to recover gold, silver, platinum, and other valuable minerals. As the owner of an unpatented mining claim, you own the rights to all of the minerals on the property, and the federally protected right to recover them. As the value of gold and other precious minerals continues to climb, many prospectors are using their claims and the gold they have recovered as a major hedge against inflation and as a source of real income. Another important aspect to consider when purchasing a mining claim is the recreational enjoyment that you preserve for future generations of your family. Mining claims in historically rich gold bearing regions are extremely difficult to find. In most cases, a mining claim will remain within a family for decades as they are passed down by each generation as a source of pure adventure, family recreation, real income, and long term investment.

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There's no better time to secure your own personal gold mining property!

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